Wrap Around Floor Savers


Looking for a solution to protect your floors from sled-based chairs and furniture? Wrap-Around® Floor Savers® are designed to help stop your floors from getting scratched, or your furniture base getting damaged from a hard surface contact. The use of advanced adhesives on your Wrap-Around® Floor Savers® will ensure durability and a long service life for your floors and furniture.


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Product Description

Wrap-Around® Floor Savers® are easy to apply and attaches to itself for improved hold, ensuring long-lasting protection for your floors. Our vinyl wear cushion distributes weight evenly, reducing wear and tear on both your floors and our product. Not only can our Floor Savers® be used for sled-based chairs, but they are also perfect for bookcases, desks, credenzas, file cabinets, stackable chairs, and music stands. Plus, our product is recommended for use on a variety of floor types, including hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, finished concrete, and ceramic tile floors.

Protect your floors today with Wrap-Around® Floor Savers®!