Fiddes Application, Protection & Accessories

The Right Application Tools For The Job

From rollers, brushes, applicator pads, buckets, trays, pots                                                                                              and poles, Fiddes has the right application tools and                                                                                       accessories to help you get the job done!

Clean It, Store It, Reuse It

Fiddes applicators and accessories are chosen for their ease of use. Simply open and go. And, when you’re done, clean them, store them, and get them out again to use on another project. Fiddes saves you time and money.

Floor Protection Done Right

The Fiddes range of floor and table leg protection glides, wraps and sleeves prevent damage normally caused by moving chairs and tables.

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VersaGlide Formed Felt Tips

Clear Sleeve

Floor Protectors


Floor Savers


Extension Pole